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Are you looking to add to the beauty of your home? increase the value of your estate, or update your overgrown landscape? If you've had enough of looking outside your window day after day and seeing the same boring, tired yard, a new landscape design is the answer you've been looking for.

We are your guide for turning your bland, ordinary property into a luscious landscaping dream, with all the style and features you've always admired on other properties. Our easy-to-use website, Great Landscaping Ideas, provides you with all of the yard and garden designs, inspirational photographs, and helpful, professional landscaping advice you're looking for, whether you're just starting out with your very first project or you have been a vigorous landscaping enthusiast for many years. No matter the size and scope of your next project, you'll find a comprehensive approach in developing great landscapes in the many helpful articles listed on our website. Read more.

Updated Website

Lae Garden and Landscapes has a new home in the world wide web, Our new home

We've updated our mailing system, our designs and our company materials, profile, business cards, letterhead and more for a fresher look. greener and better than ever.

Lae Garden and Landscapes has renewed its membership at PHILgeps as a requirement for government projects.

New and rare variety of plants, now available at Farmlae. Please Check the Plants section for more info.


Farmlae Plaza and Farmlae Garden City is Rising Soon to serve various retail needs.


Summer Blooms


Come Visit us at Farmlae from April - May to see various flowering plants this summer!


Better Plants, Better Gardens

Our production begins with our strong start vision. We propagate almost everything we grow to ensure superior plant quality and consistency. We start with best resources to end up with the best plant materials. By producing the strongest plants in the industry, we offer you peace of mind and quality assurance that stands behind each and every Farmlae plant.

We produce plants appropriate for Philippine climate to guarantee that all our plants are bred to thrive and grow. Gardening enthusiasts and gardeners alike also count on us for exciting new varieties to make their garden landscapes true works of art.

Farmlae Garden Bazaar is truly a haven for garden lovers, making green thumbs even greener.

Farmlae Garden Hub

About Us

Our Humble Beginnings

A Few Words From Us

Lae Garden and landscapes is a full-service landscaping firm specializing in designing, installing and maintaining fine indoor and outdoor landscapes. It is a family-owned and operated company with over thirty years of combined experience rooted in a 50-year long history of tradition, innovation, and achievement of its parent company. Lae Garden and Landscapes was founded in 1987 primarily as a residential landscaping company and as it continues to grow and make marks in the industry, the Company recognized the need to expand its presence to commercial and industrial landscaping.

Lae Garden is well-equipped to manage all scopes of work and to offer you the most comprehensive and professional landscaping service. We are currently operating 1 Garden Center and 4 nurseries, all situated in Laguna encompassing a total area of 12.5 acres containing different varieties of plants and garden materials appropriate for Philippine climate and landscapes.

Today, Lae Garden and Landscapes is one of the most reliable Landscaping Companies in the country. Trusted by various Philippine public sector organizations for doing several major government projects and by numerous globally renowned local and multinational Companies, Contractors and Developers such as Century Properties, Federal Land, Fil-estate Land, Inc. , Filinvest Land, Inc., Ilo Land, Taisei Corporation, Shimizu Corporation, Riofil Corporation, DMCI, Fluor Daniel, Hitachi, Analog Devices, Nestle Philippines, Fujitsu Computer Products, Toshiba, Coca-Cola, San Miguel Corporation, American Power Conversion, Wyeth and Intel Corporation to name a few.

Quality is the driving force behind the value we deliver to every customer, stringently observed by a team focused on a sustainable future, hands-on approach and systematic supervision that assures unquestioned reliability, attention to detail and a personal touch, resulting in beautiful and functional landscapes, completed on time and within the budget.

Lae Garden and Landscapes is committed to enhancing the beauty and value of the Philippine landscape - one garden at a time and in providing the best quality landscaping services to sustain the best environment for outdoor living that one could possibly imagine.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Lae Garden and Landscapes envisions itself as one of the leading lan-dscaping service providers in the Philippines. It also envisions for itself an extended physical presence beyond the local grounds.

Lae Garden and Landscapes: Recreating nature in modern living.

Reliable Companies in the Philippines are teaming up with Lae Garden and Landscapes to bridge the gap between nature and modern living by producing landscape concepts for modern aesthetics and functionality. Acknowledging the importance of a greener environment, these companies collaborated with Lae Garden and Landscapes to bring nature in places where we see more gray than green.

Our Tagline

“A society grows great when men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”

Garden Hub

Garden Accessories


It is important to decorate your garden with the best garden accessories & decorative items. You can choose among our various items.

Indoor Plants


Select the best indoor plants for your space. A good house plants will definitely make your indoor space complete!

Cactus and Succulents

Shop our large variety of succulents & cacti online: Echeveria, Sempervivum, Sedum, Aloe, and more! Farm-fresh direct to you. 

Online Shop                             Opening Soon!


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Landscaping Services

Landscape Design and Planning

Landscape Design and Plan Implementation

Lawn care and installation

Residential Landscaping

Commercial/Industrial Landscaping

Landscape Maintenance

Intensive Landscape rehabilitation

Green Solutions (Greenwall,Xeriscape)



Garden Services

Supply of Various Plants

Supply of Stones and Garden Ornaments

Supply of grass and garden soil


Other garden materials

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Our Locations

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Main Office

3F Farmlae Plaza,

Bay 4033 Laguna,



The LaeFarm Center, Dila, Bay Laguna

Farmlae, Bangyas, Calauan Laguna

Farmlae, Magdalena, Laguna

Farmlae, Wakat, Nagcarlan, Laguna

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